0.2.3 (2013/02/26)

Changes are mainly from our new contributor Justin Hamade

  • Updated all the foundation css classes and included support for the new icon fonts To create an icon apply the appropriate classes that match the icon you want to use.

    <i class="foundicon-[icon]"></i>
  • Added demos from the ZURB playground, these make a nice visual test to make sure things were working:

  • Added all of the templates from

  • Removed minimized ccs/js in favour of using an inline compressor like django-pipeline. This is has currently been implemented in Account Template

  • Fixes for the orbit slider

0.2a2 (2012/11/02)

  • Provide support for the –template for startproject
  • Removed Pinax dependency. Note it will still work with other pinax style apps such as django-user-account

0.1.7 (2012/10/18)

  • This release supports Foundation 3.1 which includes features such as right-to-left language support, new UI Styles for Progress Bars and Image Thumbs, updated jQuery and so on, read more Foundation 3.1 here
  • Replaced any of the remnants of our home grown Top Navigation menu with the Foundation 3.1 responsive Top Navigation bar
  • Included Icon Fonts, Responsive Tables and SVG Social Icons which are not part of core release
  • Lay the groundwork for supporting the –template flag on the start project in the next release
  • Other Bug fixes.

0.1.6 (2012/08/02)

  • We now support Foundation 3 so you can use features like new the new Top Foundation Nav bar
  • Support for responsive tables
  • Simplified the demo site so that its just the pinax basic site
  • Removed support for responsive design patterns as these were not compatible with Foundation 3 release
  • Updated documentation to reflect Foundation 3
  • Numerous bug fixes.

0.1.5 (2012/06/08)

0.1.4 (2012/03/004)

  • Added the Fixed top Menubar
  • Show active links on the menubar (Issue #14)
  • Fixed the repositioning of form when timezone is changed on timezone page
  • Removed unnecessary cancel button on the modal Profile form
  • Updated the Foundation theme to Zurb Foundation 2.2.0

0.1.3b (2012/2/13)

  • Added Mobile Login/Sign in functionality


  • Initial release of pinax-theme-foundation